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You focus on you and we'll manage your celebrity!

A congruent Brand Strategy just for you! Meticulous communication and breaking messaging at the right time.

We are unrivalled! We want you to look your best, so all you need do is concentrate on sales.

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We take care of the digital you.





Investing In Your Success


We have plans for all budgets from as little as the price of a Coffee a day. Investing in your success has never been more affordable.

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Studios & broadcasters we have access to

The team at Property TV work with the best studios, broadcasters and production houses in the World.

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Trusted by top performers.

  • Not only do I not have to worry about my online profile and professionally managing my social media, the guys at SOCCIO made me the most successful real estate agent in my area. The amount of new leads meant I needed to onboard more team members to handle the amount of new sales... just brilliant.

    Heath DockeryDi Jones
  • The most cost-effective way to access the largest property audience! We were spending a lot of money managing our social media, now, with the help of the experts at pTV, I'm saving time, money and I'm finally able to concentrate on our business and making sales.

    Den QuickRaine & Horne

Your social community, looked after.


A professionally written custom article on the industry that your followers will appreciate and share.


Adding to your media reel, we produce your very own interview/video to share, stream or feature on TV.


Keeping in contact, we professionally curate, write and produce all of your Social Media posts, keeping you front of mind.

Build engaging stories

People are all very different. Everyone wants things a little differently and everyone expects a different message, specifically from you as the property thought-leader. Creating custom, regular & engaging stories is the best way to ensure your audience is hearing from you at your best, in the best means possible.


We carefully create custom, unique and engaging stories that your followers are actively looking for. Reinforcing you as the industry & subject matter thought-leader.


Personal connections are what matters when selling. The "Approachable Expert" means you are the trusted voice and buyers & prospective sellers will come to you first.


A strong authentic following means others also believe in you and your opinions. Building a strong base takes quality & engaging content, robust messaging and targeted subject matter.


As the subject matter expert, you will be asked first, "Should I sell now or later and who can I trust to sell my property?" Buyers & sellers will request your opinion before all others, and what you do with that, is completely up to you.