Our Shows

Property TV for the new Generation

Property TV (pTV) the Post cable Network broadcaster & creator of property-related content. Working closely with industry, Property TV provides informative and engaging content for the property and property-related industry.

Our presenters are some of the best in the industry, the most influential leaders from within their field and form around the world. The following shows are in production now, with more on the way.

  • Property Line - hosted by Andy Reid, Property Line spans Australia, speaking with weekly special guests such as agents, business owners, and property economists, and experts like Tony Crabb and Anna Porter, to provide up to the minute commentary on the market.
  • Property EDGE - hosted by Oriel Morrison and Ben Gaze, Property EDGE accesses the leading PropTech firms that are directly causing disruption within the property industry.
  • Gray's Property Anatomy - hosted by Chris Gray, Gray's Property Anatomy is a Friday evening property discussion, wrapping up the week's property updates and speaking with the heavy hitters of real estate.
  • Your Mortgage - Keep up to date with what is happening in the finance markets concerning property and property investments. Learn what your mortgage means and how you can make the most of your repayments. 
  • The Stoler Report - hosted by Michael Stoler, The Stoler Report is Property TV's deep look inside New York City property. If you want to know what is happening in the world of Property, you turn to Michael Stoler.
  • The Reno Show - hosted by Naomi Findlay, The Reno Show is Property TV's property consumer show, providing best practice on home renovation and how best to style your home for sale.
  • Building New York - hosted by Michael Stoler, Building New York speaks directly to those families and empires that built New York and are actively involved in the changing face of New York right now.
  • The Inman Show, hosted by Sherrie Storor, Keiran Clair, Kylie Davies, and Kevin Turner. Hear from the leaders of the property industry from around the world, sometimes candid discussions on where the industry is heading and best process to follow.

NEW & In Development

  • The Business - A look at the best systems and processes in a real estate office. Run the most successful real estate business hearing from experts and successful business leaders.
  • Insiders - Property TV's first subscription-based TV Show, each week, Property TV speaks with successful mentors from different industries around the world. 
  • The Success Factor - What does a successful salesperson, real estate office, marketer, office manager, property manager look like? Tune in to find out as Australia's most successful speak with our talented host.
  • CMO - The show dedicated to the Chief Marketing Officer and marketing leader in real estate and property. Learn from leading marketers as they tell their secrets to their success.