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The Stoler Report

The Stoler Report - 01 Jan 1970

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New York

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The Stoler Report airs every Tuesday at 5:00 pm (Sydney) LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

How difficult it is to understand the change in the relationship between and father and son when they become business partners? Does it strengthen their relationship? How does the transitioning take place?

'If you are your own boss, you can never get fired.'

This was the support Norman Sturner got from his father when he decided to start and build his own business. He is the founder of MHP Real Estate Services. It is a full-service company with divisions tapping on Brokerage, Acquisition/Disposition, Asset Management, Project Management, and Property Management.

Today we are joined by Norman and his son David who is the current President and CEO of the family business.

In their discussion, they will share the challenges they have encountered along the way of doing business together and how they dealt with them.

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17 March, 2020