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Understanding the Intersection of Tech and Superb Service

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For all the chest-pounding by the technology companies saying how they can replace what Realtors do, the truth of the matter is that there is no algorithm, no artificial intelligence, that can deal with a broken water pipe on your latest listing. Krishna Malyala, one of the early pioneers of using AI to match buyers to the right home for them based upon long-term maintenance costs, commute time, utilities, insurance, and over a 100 other different factors shares how you can marry technology with superb service to be the agent who wins the business. Here’s what he will be covering:

  • The question consumers really want answered: “How do I to balance the costs of ownership with the lifestyle I want?
  • What AI does well: it can calculate lots of variables that will let you compare cost factors against lifestyle factors such as commute time, schools, nearby recreational activities.
  • If having the right kitchen matters, then AI can show you all the kitchens in any homes you’re searching without having to visit each listing separately and scrolling through the other photos of the property.
  • The dangers in using AI—taking “ambulance chasing” to the next level?
  • The real reason buying or selling home will never be as easy as buying a car or booking a trip online.
  • There’s an entirely new type of MLS emerging—what to expect.
  • How AI will ultimately lower the cost of the transaction which may translate into lower commissions, however, given the efficiencies agents will experience, they will be able to close way more transactions with much less effort.

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11 March, 2020