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Where is the Property Clock + Avoiding Scammers + Where Have All the Houses Gone and more!

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Property News Update airs every Friday at 12:30PM +11 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bricks & Mortar Media director Kieran Clair is back with Kevin Turner in this week’s episode of Property News Update.

Tune in for these stories:

  • Where is the property clock?

Independent property valuers Herron Todd White’s analysis reveals where Australian cities' property markets stand based on what they call as “property clock”.

  • Avoiding scammers Don't be duped.

Real estate is no stranger to scams and scammers.

  • Where have all the houses gone?

Property sale listings have increased according to but they're not enough to meet buyer demands.

  • Australia up there as least affordable.

Demographia puts Australia in the most expensive housing market list.

  • Real Estate Porn Dream big and make it real!

A three-story beachfront luxury villa known as Sea of Dreams is now up on sale.

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07 February, 2020