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Prop Tech Talk airs every Wednesday at 12:30 pm +11 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As companies grow, communicating tasks, whether completed or in progress, has become complicated. Though emails are good for inter-office communication, getting a ton for updates is quite annoying.

How do we simplify these and stay in the loop? Are there such tools or platforms where we can pull data from one source and transfer it to a designated recipient? How do these help in the real estate business and prospecting?

One example of such a tool is Zapier, which Stephen Atcheler of Shore Agents describes as a translator that breaks the barrier between Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

In instances that there are no APIs, he is quick to assure that there are still alternatives.

To learn more about these data management platforms, see him join Kevin Turner as they talk about tech talking to tech.

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29 January, 2020