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4 ways to style your living room

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It’s this season’s last episode and we’re pulling out all the stops!

The Reno Show airs every Thursday at 10:00 am UTC +11, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We’re back with Naomi Findlay in the latest season of the Reno Show! Tune in as she and her guests share proven tips, trending home inspirations, and professional advice for renovating and styling your home. 

In this episode:

● Naomi reveals 4 different ways to style up your living room,

● Patricia Lohan shares a step-by-step process on setting up Feng Shui for your bathroom,

● Tammy Guest is back with another health hack for the reno site to keep your energy up,

● And Naomi gets started on a DIY furniture up-cycling project!

Watch the video above for all of the Reno team’s awesome tips! 

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real estate property renovation health DIY Feng Shui interior design home

Release Date:

21 November, 2019