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Putting service first

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How does a boutique business compete with the big boys?

Rockend Rockstars airs on Thursday at 3:00 pm UTC +11 LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Elaine Stack joins Kevin on today’s episode of Rockend Rockstars. Described as an honest, personable, and down-to-earth person, Elaine is known to use her extensive real estate knowledge and meticulous processes to help her clients and tenants get the best results for their properties.


She discusses how she was able to get her boutique business from managing 20 properties to 60 (now approaching 70) armed with just a small portfolio. She also shares the things clients are looking for when they hire property managers, and how she made the common transition from sales to property management and managing her own business.


Catch the complete interview above for Elaine’s unique insights!

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31 October, 2019