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Were the ‘good old days’ that good + The bubble is back + what can you do with $3M in three years and more!

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Property price fears, snazzy renovations, and a scheme for first-home buyers.

Property News Update airs every Friday at 12:30 pm +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Veteran auctioneer James Bell and our very own Kevin Turner discuss the week’s interesting property stories! Tune in as they discuss:

  • Property takes a ‘V’ shape. Figures from CoreLogic show a “much faster” rebound than anticipated in property price growth. Experts say this could magnify mounting housing affordability research. 

  • Were the ‘good old days’ that good? The idea that our parents had it much harder than we do (thanks to technology advances) is a recurring joke across all generations… but what if the reverse is true? 

  • The bubble is back – really! Fears about another property bubble are rising as prices threaten to go out of control. The RBA’s decision to cut rates again will spur on buyer demand as they experience a ‘fear of missing out’.

  • $3M reno over 3 years. A million bucks a year for three years… on a renovation? You could buy six houses in Brisbane for that money, but the owners believe that the end result on their hillside mansion was worth every cent. 

  •  Boost for first time buyers. The Australian government has pledged a new first-home buyers' scheme that allows a minimum 5 per cent deposit. Is it wise to encourage home buyers with limited savings to enter the property market when interest rates are low?

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04 October, 2019