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Three ways to manage your renovation budgets – Naomi Findlay

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Don’t start knocking walls down without a budget in place.

The Reno Show airs every Thursday at 5:00 pm +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Having a detailed budget in place before you start renovating will make it much easier to plan out your renovation. Besides, no one wants to run out of money when your kitchen is only halfway done. Naomi Findlay discusses three techniques to help you manage your renovation budgets in this episode of the Reno Show. 

Also joining Naomi in this episode are:

  • Property Market Analyst John Lindeman; he shares his insider tips for on-the-ground research. 

  • Expert Carpenter Rowan Howard; who shows us what to do if your door is the wrong size.

  • Jodie Blight, Founder of Hello Table; shares some easy recipes to fill you up during your home makeover.

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26 September, 2019