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Today’s tech and tomorrow’s retirement market – Theresa Wells

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How are retirees coping with today’s tech developments?

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It’s crazy to think that less than 30 years ago, the internet didn’t exist. Tim Berners-Lee invented the web and the first website in 1991. Today, there are now over 5 billion websites worldwide–almost as many people as there are in the world. 

In the 1980’s, the world’s fastest supercomputer, Cray-2, took teams of scientists and entire rooms to be operated safely. Its computing power was equivalent to 2006’s iPad2, which can be safely stored anywhere and is commonly used by children. 

We can thank the rapid advancement of technology for our improved quality of life, but is everyone enjoying that improvement equally? 

Theresa Wells, General Manager of Corporate Sales at CoreLogic NZ, wrote an interesting and thought provoking piece on the effect of today’s tech on tomorrow’s retirement market. 

We speak with her to discuss just that and to answer the question: Is the older generation ready for today’s tech?

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11 September, 2019