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Where Gen Z hangs out + Banking on blind loyalty + America’s most expensive property listing and more!

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Learn where Gen Z hangs out and more in this week’s Property News Update!.

Property News Update airs every Friday at 12:30 pm +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This week’s guest on Property News Update is Margaret Lomas, author of 20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor and 7 other best-selling property books. She joins Kevin Turner to discuss interesting stories from the property industry like: 

  • Don’t bank on blind loyalty. The Consumer Data Right bill is the most significant shake-up in Australian finance since the introduction of the ATM. From February 2020, customers will be able to switch accounts with ease.

  • Build to rent – is that the solution? The Great Australian Dream has become a thing of the past for many people as they struggle to buy into the property market. The build to rent format aims to provide a solution without the price tag ownership requires. 

  • Where Gen Z hangs out. Nestpick reveals the best cities in the world for Generation Z in 2019. Despite the Brexit, London remains number one thanks to its ability to meet educational needs and strong business opportunities. Melbourne ranks 23 out of 110 worldwide. 

  • Fancy living in Canada? Fancy an English country mansion without all the messy Brexit uncertainty? Oakville, one of Canada’s prettiest towns, offers an impressive alternative

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06 September, 2019