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7 ways you can lose money in Property – Veronica Morgan

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The Opportunity Cost can be higher than you think.

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You can lose money in property.

It may seem surprising for a buyer’s agent of all people to say so, but you really can. Close to 10% of property sales at a loss in Australia every single quarter. Generally, more apartments and investors sell at a loss than houses and occupiers, respectively.  

Some buyers don’t notice it, but the opportunity cost can be high. Even if you sell more than you paid, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you made any money. You still need to subtract all of your costs of ownership to determine if you really made a profit.

Hasty and impatient investors lose money. Make sure you know the risks to not be one of them. Learn the seven ways you can lose money by investing in the wrong thing at the wrong time with Veronica Morgan.

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31 July, 2019