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How are seniors using technology?

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‘Over 60’s’ is the fastest growing demographic in using the Internet.

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It’s no secret that technology has changed the way we do a lot of things, but there’s still the misconception that downsizers or people aged over 60 don’t use technology or the Internet much. 

They do. In fact, they use a lot of it. 

It's actually an interesting mix in the demographic, Greg Oddy, director of Sales & Marketing, says. There's a need for both high tech and high touch – sending emails will never be enough. Sometimes, people like to have conversations and learn more about the property and what goes on in it in a more casual way compared to the more formal and business-like email. 

It's almost merging together. Pretty soon, the old business models and ways of connecting to consumers won't work anymore. 

Greg joins us in this episode of TechTalk to discuss the ways seniors use technology and which websites or applications they use. 

Real estate developers, property owners and advertisers who are seeking to enter the downsizer market can’t miss this. 

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17 July, 2019