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Go relational, not transactional

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Standing out is simple...not easy.

The Digital Marketing Show airs every Monday at 10:00 am +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel are the founders and co-hosts of Real Estate Uncensored. A weekly podcast available on iTunes and Android and at In this episode of the Inman Show, Matt & Greg chat with Bernice Ross on a relational vs. transactional business approach.


In today's market, trends seem to be shifting to a completely digital marketing strategy and relational marketing is has taken a backseat. Matt, Greg and Bernice discuss why relationship management is more important than ever for success in 2019.

So just how do you implement a more relational approach in your business in 2019? Today's episode provides the proven strategies that really do work.

Here are some takeaway points from Greg and Matt:

  • In a time where everything seems to work for someone, how do you hone in on what will work best for you?

  • Keep It Simple Stupid—words to live by and why it always pays to start with the simple things first.

  • How to stand out from the noise of life—be famous to 50 people, not 500.

  • Rather than being transactional based, which is about you and your business rather than about the other person, use social media to build a connection.

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Release Date:

08 July, 2019