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Total transparency with Transactor - Shaneal Sharma

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Property transactions can get awfully out of control because of the number of people involved.  Your information might be outdated, your seller might have different expectations, the agents and conveyancers have so many tasks that need to be completed on time.

In other words, sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  So many things can go wrong through poor communication that might result in a sale falling over.  But there is a solution.

What if you could visually track and manage the process of an entire property transaction? What if everyone involved was updated at all times and could see exactly what is happening?

Total transparency can put everyone on the same page and make deals go through smoothly and much more efficiently. With Transactor, transparency is within reach for every real estate professional.

In our latest TechTalk episode, we talk to Shaneal Sharma of HouseRoo to learn more about the program.

Watch the video above for the complete interview.

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19 June, 2019