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Stand out or wash out – Tami Bonnell

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The Interviews - Tami Bonnell CEO Exit Realty

One of the best things about being at a conference is making connections with people you can look up to and those who have the same mindset as you. We’re fortunate to have had the chance to speak with Tami Bonnell at Inman and we’re now sharing that with you.

Tami Bonnell, Exit Realty CEO, is one of the best real estate brokers and business leaders in the world. She is one of the only two women in Swanepoel’s Top 10 business leaders list and also played a major role in building three major brands in the United States.

In this 11-minute interview, learn the qualities and skills an agent needs to stand out in the competitive real estate market.

To find out more about Tami and Exit Realty, please visit Exit Realty

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18 June, 2019