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The most successful states - Lucie Fortier and Chris Bennett

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Lucie Fortier & Chris Bennett of CoreLogic join us in the latest episode of the Inman Show to discuss AI, technology, and their impact on the industry.

Lucie says that AI is absolutely going to be one of the technological changes that is going to change the face of real estate worldwide. We now have - or soon will have - the ability to work with data in a way that has never been possible before. Finding patterns and trends within the data that humans can’t recognize or do is going to change the user experience, interfaces, and how we build every level of the application.

It is going to change how we do business. Another trend companies are watching very closely is that consumers are becoming more and more tech-enabled and empowered - their expectations are rising, especially when it comes to technology. So, we’re seeing a much, much more significant focus on the consumer experience.

It used to be very much about the agent and the agent tools, but now, we’re seeing a shift to the consumer space.

So consumers are much more educated these days, but to a degree, they’re still consuming information through somewhere. It’s all about making it into an easy to use format. There’s still an education process that takes place, and the real estate agent and the brokers are still the ones to help them understand this information.

It’s a great example of why the broker will never be out of a job, because they need to keep up to date with all of the technology and information. The industry is too complicated to not have professionals on it.

The agents who are successful use a fair variety of different technology tools. It really comes down to the relationships that they build with the CRM, so they can identify within their sphere of influence, who is going to move, and how do they keep in touch with their customers. How do they stay top of mind?

Technology and data can provide you with the answers to those questions. It's all a matter of actually accessing that data, understanding it and then doing the right thing with it. The difference between the top agent and the average agent is the ability to actually do something with their material.

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04 June, 2019