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Trends that will change the industry – Kylie Davis

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Kylie Davis takes us through a quick recap of trends that have a good chance of changing the industry.


With the rise of Google Home and voice activation technology, Kylie is looking forward to seeing how it makes tech easier to use and understand. With only a few words, you can make technology do various things without having to learn an operating system.

Visuals and video

Companies are extracting data from photos and videos are now easier to take and use. Photography and video are at an all time high and the possibilities have never been more apparent to the real estate industry.


With great technology, comes great change. Technology is a double-edged sword – it can make our lives easier and much better, but it can also amplify our bad behavior. Emotional intelligence in particular is important in this day and age.


The possibilities of virtual reality seem endless - do we know what to do with it? How can we take the best out of the things we do now and make them even better in virtual reality?

All of these Vs are easy to remember, but are they going to have an impact? Watch the video above to see how Kylie thinks these trends can change the industry.

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Release Date:

28 May, 2019