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Standing out in a digital world - Jeff Lobb

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Jeff Lobb is the Founder and CEO of SparkTank Media, a company that trains real estate professionals in sales, marketing, and technology. Jeff is an international speaker, innovator, and consultant who has spoken at conferences like Inman Agent Reboot Internet Conferences and XPLODE Real Estate Technology. 

He joins us today to share how agents and brokers can stand out in the digital world and how they became more confident by training with Sparktank Media.

Jeff starts by explaining the common problems that his trainees have when they go to Sparktank. It often boils down to the things they’re doing, not being consistent in their efforts to improve, or they’re not being efficient in their efforts to improve. So sometimes it becomes a fact-finding mission to see where the trainees want to go and how to get there.

He believes Sparktank is very systems oriented. A common problem faced by many brokers is that they have issues with managing leads and lead sources. Also their ability to take a lead and convert it within the first two weeks? Or even 9 to 10 months?

Most of the time, there’s no system in place. No discipline, no follow up to make that conversion down the road, so leads will eventually forget them.   He gives us the answer.


The top producer mentality

The typical top producer is all over the place. They’re hunters - they want to go and get the business. But they’re not really well suited to systems, so that’s where the challenge lies.

What Sparktank does is find that counterpart in their business, their team manager, or their administrator, who can help keep that person functioning and yet manage their systems.



Jeff says that in today’s world, the consumer is looking for more than just listings or articles. They’re looking for a connection. They want to know about you, the person.

People who are afraid to grasp that change and embrace the shift are going to be left behind because we’re seeing great content from leaders right now that are all about this. CEOs of big brands are stepping out of the box and doing video, they’re posting stuff on their weekends. They’re approachable.

The few who really grasp the change are going to make a big impact with sharing their day to day. Compared to the people who are always behind closed doors and out of reach.

Watch more in the interview. 

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23 May, 2019