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Winning the customers you want

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The Beepo Business Success Show features proven tips and tricks of the real estate trade from the leaders of the industry. So, if you want to be updated with the tech and developments that will give your business an edge, it’s not something you can miss.

Our latest episode is jam-packed with insights from L. Janusz Hooker, the Chairman and former CEO of LJ Hooker Limited, luxury market expert and author Michael LaFido,

top-notch real estate coach Sherrie Storor, Sarah Bell of AIRE, and Javier Nichols, a Century21 agent with a satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Through the years with LJ Hooker [0:54-6:15]

L. Janusz Hooker shares how his grandfather, Leslie Joseph Hooker, started a real estate business in the 20th century that would eventually build 1 out of every 5 homes built in Australia… all while being an orphan. LJ Hooker’s inspiring story lives on through his company, LJ Hooker Limited, with a new concept that might change the face of the Australian market.  

Living in luxury [6:15-13:19]

First impressions matter. All the more so when your buyers can literally afford to buy from somewhere else and someone else. Michael LaFido discusses how you can make people who seem to have it all buy from you (and just you).

Automation: A time saver or a job taker? [13:19 - 26:04]

AI is changing real estate for consumers, but with that change comes fear. Will robots and AI eventually replace real estate agents, especially in regards to customer interface? Or can agents find a way to adapt and use AI to their advantage? Sarah Bell, Co-Founder of AIRE Software, shares her thoughts.  

Battle of the sexes: Who sell better, men or women? [26:04-32:25]

It’s a topic that’s a little controversial, but there can be a lot to learn by comparing genders. Statistics show that there are more female real estate agents in the US, but does that reflect their skill at selling? And how does the trend look like for other parts of the world? Sherrie Storor discusses this with Aimee and Kevin.

From car salesman to top-notch agent [32:25-42:02]

We all have an image of car salesmen in our heads, and for most people, it’s not a good one. Javier Nichols was a former car salesman and he shares how he managed to turn that first impression around, consistently win customers, and give them a stellar service they keep coming back for.

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15 May, 2019