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Inman Connect NYC Takeaways – Heath Dockary

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Heath Dockary is one of Sydney’s most well-known agents thanks to his reputation for achieving remarkable sales results in real time over his 19-year career. He joins us in this episode of the Inman Show to discuss his most valuable takeaways from the conference.

American Real Estate

Heath decided to attend Inman Connect and mix with the American crowd since America is the leading real estate industry in the world. He believes that they’re a step ahead primarily because of its size and scope.

Australia has a much lower base for commissions compared to America and that base forces Australian real estate agents to provide a level of service that can be duplicated and replicated. In America on the other hand, the consumer is very set on ensuring that they get their dollars worth out of the selection criteria that agents give them.

Furthermore, the big disruptors in Australian real estate at the moment are being led through social media. And that is, in turn, led primarily through American real estate, so having some insight on the latter can give agents a big boost in Australia. MLS, as they call it in the States, will start to morph and move into the Australian market over the years because people are trusting less these days. They’re far less trusting of a system that doesn’t cater for their specific needs.

Fulfilling expectations

One of Heath’s strategies for standing out is identifying their strengths and weaknesses very early. When they meet with a client for the first time, they conduct an interview and determine if the client will and can work forward with them. If they’re a good fit for each other, they will have what Heath calls an ‘expectation meeting’.

Heath’s team determines what their client’s expectations are, what their limitations are, what their beliefs are, and what they should get from us and we will be delivering to them. It’s important that no uncertainties are in the relationship moving forward for both the seller and the buyer.

There is no “I” in team

Heath believes that the moment a real estate agent uses the word “I”, the game has been lost. Because it’s not about your opinion, your world, or your beliefs. Building a team relationship with the sale is important.

When they operate, they form a relationship that works together, “It's us versus the market as opposed to us versus the vendor,” He says. “We’re in it together.” 

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07 May, 2019