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How Does Smart Photography Work? - Thibault Greiveldinger

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Thibault Greiveldinger is the Sales Manager of Meero US, a company that produces photographs for real estate, travel, food, and e-commerce industries on a large scale. In less than 30 months, they were able to become the worldwide leader by using cutting-edge processes and technologies in automating the production of photos and videos. 

Quick and high-quality photos

Meero uses AI to deliver high quality and consistent pictures all around the world. They operate on the understanding that what takes the longest in photography is not the photoshoot, but the image processing and editing that comes after. Different brands and clients have different requests, filters, and goals for their photos, so editing one by one can be tedious.

So, in order to make the process faster, cheaper, and more convenient, Meero created an algorithm that can recognize photos and edit them to produce consistent results. First, a photo is uploaded by one of the company’s trusted photographers, then their algorithm processes the photo according to the client’s specific guidelines. 

Currently, Meero produces around 50,000 images in less than 24 hours. They also have a team of humans to oversee the machines and verify if the images were processed or edited correctly. 

Plans for the future

Meero took off with photography, but they are also looking into producing fast and consistent content for companies. In this day and age, Meero believes that agents and brokers need relevant content like videos, floor plans, and images for their properties in order to get the best price and sell them quickly. 

Interested in quick and consistent content for your property? Check out Meero at their website, 

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01 August, 2019