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More time and better service at a lower cost - Aimee Engelmann

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Aimee Engelmann is the CEO of Beepo, the leading outsourcing company for the property industry. In her segment, she discusses how your company can benefit from outsourcing not only for personal assistance and back-end services but also for your marketing and recruitment efforts.


Time is gold

At its core, outsourcing is about opportunity cost. Is an individual agent or brokerage being productive or are they stretching themselves thin trying to do too much?

Real estate professionals can maximize their time and the value they provide to their buyers by focusing on the high-value things they could be doing. With outsourcing, someone else can do the mundane, but necessary tasks that keep the business going.

Around the clock

The outsourcing industry is predicted to grow to as much as $334 Billion in 2026. In gearing for that growth, Beepo faces certain challenges. One of which is the vastly different time zones between Australia and the Americas and Europe.   

To address this challenge, Beepo has put a lot of structure in how it serves the real estate market as a niche provider. Rather than being an outsourcing provider that serves everything for everyone, the company focuses on giving specialized service to the real estate industry.

Beepo is also available 24/7, which is great for real estate agents and brokerages that are extending their operating times. Real estate professionals are always on the move so having someone backing them up, looking after their appointments, and making sure they’re on track will make their job much easier.

Aimee also notes that it is a good opportunity to merge AI and the efforts of outsourced staff together to give agents the best support. Beepo has already started integrating AI to their systems and training staff how to use them in line with their promise of keeping things up-to-date. 

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30 July, 2019