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AI and human redundancy – Scott Matthews

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is synonymous with the technology industry but it hasn’t typically been a core component of real estate. However, it is slowly but surely demonstrating its worth across many parts of the industry.  So how is that impacting what we do?  Scott Matthews – Chief Data Scientist at RoZetta Technology outlines what he sees ahead for AI in real estate.

What you will learn in this video:

  • Some practical examples of how AI is entering into our daily activities already
  • How AI is developing in the space we work in as real estate agents
  • Why we need AI and if we are losing the ‘personal touch’?
  • The accuracy of machine learning and predictive analysis and are they having an impact on the accuracy of things like AVM’s?
  • Is this modelling and these technologies posing a threat to the service provided by valuers and even real estate agents and brokers?
  • Is AI helping with transparency? Will it be the saviour of the human involvement and will it bring more trust to the relationship between buyer, seller and the agent/broker?

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transparency real estate property human touch bots technology service

Release Date:

16 January, 2019