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Digital twin – cities of the future – Michelle Zamora

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Our featured guest this week on the show is non other than the award-winning, data-driven Chief Marketing Officer and business strategist with twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, analytics and leadership, Michelle Zamora. Prior to joining Willow and Ridley as Global Chief Marketing Office, Michelle Zamora held a similar role at IBM.

Michelle’s experience and first-hand knowledge of global technology trends have driven her interest into the property industry. In this interview, Michelle explains how technology is making it possible to empower greater connectivity within buildings, communities, facilities, cities and countries; bringing the world that one step closer together and creating a safer, more harmonious and connected life for all of us.

Willow's technology is called a digital twin and is a platform that allows developers, planners and maintenance entities deliver efficient, timely and cost-effective solutions. Michelle takes us through the Willow platform and provides a first-hand account of Willow in use right now.

This episode of Tech Talk is a must-see for anyone involved in property, facilities management, maintenance or urban planning entities. 

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09 January, 2019