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Adam Woods

Grays Property Anatomy - 21 May 2021


Adam Woods, Chris Gray

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Property Investment

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The saying ‘land appreciates and buildings depreciate’ gives many investors the impression they should favour houses over units. While both have the potential to be solid investments, the option that will best suit you depends on a variety of factors including your investment strategy, adversity to risk and property prices in the suburbs you are considering investing in. 


On tonight’s show, I discuss some of the important factors you should consider in deciding which option is best for you. 


And over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the regional areas of New South Wales where “tree changers” are making their presence felt. Tonight we start that journey in Mudgee and joining me to discuss the market in his home town is Adam Woods from McGrath Central Tablelands. 


Enjoy the full episode above and remember, if you would like to know more about buying, selling, or renovating, just remember you can download my book “The Effortless Empire” absolutely free – just go to  


Join Chris Gray, every Friday night at 7pm AEST for Gray’s Property Anatomy. 

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Mudgee property

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21 May, 2021