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Property News Update - Simon Cashman - Nicola McDougall & Kevin Turner

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What’s made the news this week?

Watch (or listen) as Nicola McDougall, Kevin Turner and Simon Cashman catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.

1. Property porn

Beneath the State Library of NSW lies a massive collection of historic property porn: 40,000 subdivision maps with prices that will… READ NOW

2. How to make the most of this market

Melbourne’s toughest spring auction market in seven years has opened the door for smart buyers and sellers to cash in on Robin… READ NOW

3. Properties they can’t give away

Japan has an increasing number of vacant homes — a problem that’s set to persist because of an aging and shrinking population that… READ NOW

4. Branson Island

The multimillion-dollar makeover of Sir Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island in the Noosa River is complete, and The Courier-Mail has… READ NOW

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Simon Cashman

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30 November, 2018