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Braden Walters

Grays Property Anatomy - 14 May 2021


Braden Walters, Chris Gray

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Property Investment

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I always smile when someone chats to me about their holiday home. They start the conversation describing how much they enjoy spending time there with friends and family and how beautiful it is. They end the conversation trying to justify that it’s actually an investment, by explaining how much it rents for in the peak period.


But can a holiday home ever be an investment or will it always be an emotional luxury? Tonight I share some things you need to consider before making


And we’ve all seen the headlines about the big-ticket celebrity purchases in Byron Bay and as Tim Lawless from CoreLogic mentioned last week, Byron was the suburb with the highest house price growth in 2020, at a whopping 37%!


Joining me tonight to discuss what this means for rest of the Richmond Coast is Braden Walters from Belle Property Byron Bay / Lennox Head.


Enjoy the full episode above and remember, If you would like to know more about buying, selling, or renovating, just remember you can download my book “The Effortless Empire” absolutely free – just go to


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Byron Bay

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13 May, 2021