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Cate Bakos May 2021

Property Line - 03 May 2021


Cate Bakos, Andy Reid

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Hello, good evening and welcome to the Property Line, it’s Andy here, real estate Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer around the country, I hope you are all well! 


Now team, I think it’s about time we all stopped for a moment and took a breath, to have a look at the landscape at how everything is moving on the frontline of real estate. And who better than one of my colleagues, one of my compatriots here on Property TV to talk us through it, Cate Bakos from Cate Bakos Property. 


She is an amazing professional with so many great insights and I’m delighted that she has decided to jump across from her channel to mine, so make sure you tune into the full episode above. 


Catch Andy Reid on Property Line every Monday night, at 7pm AEST. 

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01 May, 2021