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James Bell

Grays Property Anatomy - 16 Apr 2021


James Bell, Chris Gray

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Property Investment

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When you buy an investment property in Australia and borrow all of the cost of it, most of the time, the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage and other costs and so there is a cash flow shortfall.


Sure, interest rates are low these days but that’s not going to last forever and when you add in the property management fees, the maintenance and the land tax costs, you could have to contribute $5k - $10k a year.


On tonight’s show, I share my contrarian strategy on how to fund a cash flow short fall. You don’t need to follow it 100% - the main idea is to understand the different philosophies and mindsets and then adapt them to your situation.


I’m also joined by James Bell, CEO at Century21 Australasia tonight. James tells us what’s happening on the front lines and cuts through the confusing mixed messaging we’re starting to see coming through from the media, about where the property market is headed.


I hope you enjoy the show and remember, if you’d like to know more about using your equity to help cash flow your property portfolio, you can download my book The Effortless Empire absolutely free – just go to


Join Chris Gray, every Friday night at 7pm AEDT for Gray’s Property Anatomy.

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cash flow short fall property market 2021

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16 April, 2021