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Sherrie Storor, April 2021

Property Line - 05 Apr 2021


Sherrie Storor, Andy Reid

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It’s Andy here, real estate Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer down in Victoria and around the country, I hope you are all well and enjoying your long weekend! 


We always seem to focus on challenges and issues when things aren’t going so well. The problem is, when things are going well, those cracks start to get bigger if we don’t pay attention to them. Inefficiencies start to creep into our business and it is something that we really need to stamp out because not only is your business going to suffer but your reputation will suffer as well. 


I have gone to the tippy-top of the coaching and mentoring ladder and asked Sherrie Storor to join us on this episode of Property Line. She gives us some incredible insights and advice as to what you need to do to make sure both your financial stability and your reputational stability remain in tact through both the good times as well as the bad. 


Make sure you tune in to the full cracking episode above and if you’d like more information about ‘Mastermind. With Sherrie’ you can find it here. 


A note from the team at Property TVCongratulations to all at the Good Friday Appeal which raised over $17 million dollars for The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne this long weekend! 


whopping $903,000 of that was the proceeds of the no-reserve auction of the Henley Homes and Villawood Properties Charity Home. Our very own energizer bunny Andy Reid, called the auction and not only did he help breakthrough the previous record of $860,000 but he also cracked his own goal of $900,000 for the 508m2 block and we couldn’t be more proud. Go you good thing Andy! 


Catch Andy Reid, real estate Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer on Property Line, every Monday night at 7pm AEST. 

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05 April, 2021