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Lauren Staley

Grays Property Anatomy - 02 Apr 2021


Lauren Staley, Chris Gray

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If you’re looking to renovate for profit, buying the right property can be just as important as hiring the right renovation team and there’s never one single strategy that suits everyone 


lot can depend on the market at the time you buy and that may well change by the time you want to sell. Tonight, I look at some of the important factors you should consider before you buy a property to renovate. 


And during the COVID-lockdowns of 2020, Melbourne property prices dropped 6.1% from their peak in April 2020. However, they have recently increased by 6.7% and are now sitting at a new all-time high. Joining me tonight to discuss what’s happening at street level is my friend and colleague, Lauren Staley from Infolio Property Advisors. 


I hope you enjoy the show and remember, if you would like to know more about renovating your home or investment property, you can download my book The Effortless Empire absolutely free – just go to 


Join Chris Gray, every Friday night at 7pm AEDT for Gray’s Property Anatomy. 

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02 April, 2021