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Parag Goswami

Beyond The Box - 16 Feb 2021


Parag Goswami, Lynette Keyowski

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Beyond the Box airs every Tuesday at 6:30pm (AEDT)

This week we present to you Co-founder and CEO of Clik.aiParag GoswamiParag holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rent roll extraction, underwriting and using AI to automate commercial real estate investment. He has had a streak of successful businesses that he created in his home country and now he has come to Canada to continue fostering solutions for the industry within the North American market.  


This is a must listen for any commercial real estate broker, multi-family owner/operator or REIT. In a game where margins matter, Parag has the insight and solution to help give so many that much needed edge!  


Watch/listen now to learn how is streamlining the gruelling underwriting work up to 10x and what is coming next.  


Disclaimer: Views expressed in the podcast are not the views of REACH CanadaSecond Century Ventures, the National Association of REALTORS® (“Reach”) or its respective affiliates. 

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16 February, 2021