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Everything Property - 19 Jan 2021


Andrew Thomson, Hayden Ashton, Tom Egan

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New Developments

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Are you ready to learn about the property market? Then you are in the right place.

This is Everything Property By Pivotal Homes where we connect Australia’s best developers, agents, home buyer specialists, wealth creation experts and property advisors to the people of Australia.

Andrew Thomson has 20 years experience in development and marketing, with an in-depth understanding of the property and financial services sectors through senior marketing and operations roles at ASX listed developers, ASX Top 100 financial services companies and private development and funds management.

CFMG Capital represents new opportunities for investors seeking diverse product offerings via the integration of complimentary, but alternative funds management platforms offered by Land and asset backed income funds.

CFMG Capital has put together a group of highly respected and credentialed industry professionals to provide the ideal team to build strong and consistent growth for both investors and CFMG Capital alike.

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hayden ashton tom egan everything property

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19 January, 2021