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Alex Hill & Toby Donelan, Over and Above

Everything Property - 15 Dec 2020


Alex Hill, Toby Donelan, Hayden Ashton, Tom Egan

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New Developments

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Are you ready to learn about the property market? Then you are in the right place.

This is Everything Property By Pivotal Homes where we connect Australia’s best developers, agents, home buyer specialists, wealth creation experts and property advisors to the people of Australia.

This week we catch up with Alex & Toby from Over and Above Property Partners to talk "Everything Property"

Over and Above Buyers Agency has helped hundreds of people find, analyse, negotiate and secure property across Australia.

From their own experience, Over and Above Property Partners identified the need for an “End to End Service” that facilitates more than just securing the “RIGHT” property but also, all the intricate steps in between.

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buyers agent negotiation property

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15 December, 2020