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Evelyn Clark

Property Line - 14 Dec 2020


Evelyn Clark, Andy Reid

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Welcome to the Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Auctioneer, Commentator and Coach in the real estate space, down in Victoria, Australia.

Well, Santa is getting his sleigh organised, the elves are making last minute preparations for his mad dash around the world and there’s a mad dash to get into the property market too, down here in Australia!

Lots of buyers are going over and above to make sure that they secure something before the New Year. It’s looking like it’s going to be a very short and sharp break as well with plenty of commentary suggesting that March is going to be the first time where we might actually see any real break in play across Australia. It’s an interesting one! Lots of vendors now looking ahead seeing the news and feeling that JobKeeper could cause them concerns, so there’s a lot of vendors looking to come on board in the January, February market and get done and away before JobKeeper subsidies come to an end.

Lenders have been changing the goal posts a little bit - on a positive note - for a lot of people, so I figured I’d get someone from the finance part of the world to come and have a chat to us. Evelyn Clark from Everlend has got her finger on the pulse unlike a lot of people. She is one of the most hardworking and dedicated mortgage brokers that I’ve ever come across and she has got some really, really good information that she wants to impart upon us as we close out 2020.

Like I said gang, it’s been a bit of a mad dash so processing times are very much on people’s minds and criteria in terms of qualification has certainly become a topic of concern. So we’re going to drill into that, we’re going to drill into what it means moving forward for the people on the front line in terms of owners and investors as well, there’s some really good information coming up with Evelyn if you are an investor looking to get into the market as well.

We chat about a whole bunch of things and it’s well worth tuning in to so make sure you tune in above, as I chat with Evelyn Clark from Everlend.

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mortgage interest rate

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14 December, 2020