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Property Line - 07 Dec 2020


Emily Wallace, Andy Reid

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Property Line airs every Monday at 7:00pm (AEDT)

Welcome to the Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer in the real estate space, based down in Melbourne but happy to chat about all things real estate, around the country!

It’s all looking pretty positive right now! Not only is the Federal Budget looking to help the real estate space out but pretty much all of the states budgets are aligning with the thought that in order for our economy to keep pushing on and get out of its slumber, it’s going to need to come through real estate. And that’s just been an absolute godsend to a number of real estate businesses but also to a number of vendors that’ve found themselves stuck in the mud.

Looking at the front line, it really has turned into a bit of a showdown where there’s lots of buyers lined up to have a crack at almost every property, at every property level. The only area of concern that I’ve heard about has been the apartment market, which is still struggling to get itself going. Aside from that, the investment market, the owner-occupier market and particularly in the first home buyer market, everything is looking rather rosie. The lenders have all basically come into alignment now and said that the recession is not likely to happen and even though the Federal subsidies are going to have the plug pulled on them in March, there is still a good case for optimism moving forward throughout the course of 2021.

As we edge closer to the turn of the year, buyers are frantically trying to get themselves sorted before the year ends, vendors are really starting to capitalize in a big way but from what I’m hearing on the front line, the stoppage has happened now and people are really starting to get themselves geared up to launch in 2021, which is looking like it’s going to have a really early start! So don’t rest on your laurels if you’re looking to get into the market in 2021 because the properties are going to start coming on thick and fast, very early on in January. Normally, historically, the property market doesn’t really pick up until early to mid-February at the very earliest but looking at my diary in particular, we’ve got auctions starting from the 16th January! So, if you’re not ready to go, you’d better get a move on otherwise, there might be a swell of properties coming onto the market that yours gets caught up in.

Now let’s try and help some of you investors out on the front line! I know that it is a really harsh place to be right now, if you’re looking to buy property. I’ve got one of the best buyer advocates I will say, in Melbourne right now, Emily Wallace joining me on the show tonight to give us some advice as to how best to navigate a rapidly increasing marketplace.

We’re going to talk about a couple of different things. Why strategy is so important, when you’re on the front line, if you are intending to bid but also things you can do to try and help you get ahead of the game, when you’re trying to buy property.

It’s a really great episode, full of good information that you need to tune into. And professionals amongst us, you might want to listen in as well because there’s one or two things that you need to pay attention to when it comes to your reputation while you’ve got so many buyers wanting your attention.

All of that and plenty more, in the full episode of Property Line above.

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07 December, 2020