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Property Line - 23 Nov 2020


David Stewart, Andy Reid

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Welcome to the Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer in the real estate space here in Victoria!

Now, it’s been a week of reflection with the ANZ, the latest of the big lenders to come out and suggest that their initial projections for 2021 have been somewhat pessimistic. They’ve been caught quite surprised by the level of activity within the housing market and are now projecting modest growth in every single state, ranging from 6% over in Adelaide, to 12% over on the west coast of our fair nation. It’s an interesting review but they are still treading with a good degree of trepidation.

They’re suggesting that that surprise comes in the face of a slight rise in unemployment to 7% and suggest that should there not be vaccines coming through at the start of next year, we could still see a drop in the property market. It’s a fascinating place to be involved with, with so many moving parts but the really good thing, is that some of these major lenders now are starting to buy into the belief that we can get out of this alive. And this is great to see on all fronts!

Now the one proviso that they did say when they came out with their announcement last week, was the fact that should things get a little too heated in the market, they will have no hesitation in creating some sort of macro fundamental parameters around their lending criteria. Obviously, all lenders now have got that extra degree of flexibility but having been burnt once before, I very much doubt that they are likely to want to get burnt again.

So the concern could be then, who is going to qualify for mortgages next year and how are those trends going to affect their rigidity in terms of eligibility? That’s going to be an interesting one that we do have to pay attention to as we move into next year. So if you are looking at getting into the market place in 2021, or transacting in any way shape or form, you’d be well advised to make sure everything is in order.

In tonight’s episode, I have someone that has been in the real estate space for well over 20 years. Predominantly in the transactional side as a salesperson and director of a franchise office but has recently, in the last few years gone into technology. Introducing an online offer management system that has very much taken off, especially during the last 12 months while we’ve all been locked away. David Stewart is the Director of Market Buy, which has been a piece of technology that has saved a heck of a lot of agents and their consumers in so many ways.

I’ve had David come onto the show tonight so that we can really talk about why technology has such an integral part to play within the real estate profession, for both professionals and the public. The benefits of being more accepting of said technology and the challenges that can come with creating greater efficiencies in your businesses.

It’s a fascinating discussion. We get nothing but straight up advice, straight up chat from the man himself. So make sure you strap yourselves in and tune in to what Dave Stewart has to say. All this and more, on tonight’s episode of Property Line.

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23 November, 2020