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Martin Millard

Property Line - 09 Nov 2020


Martin Millard, Andy Reid

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Welcome to the Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Real Estate Auctioneer and Commentator! Well, strap yourselves in gang, this is part two of a two part series where we’re going to talk about hot topics around off-market sales and how we market property in 2020 and beyond.

There’s been so much conjecture and confusion both within the profession and externally, amongst the public. Last week, we had Lisa Novak come on the show and be very very open in saying that we as a profession need to be paying more attention to our consumers and consumer behavior generally.

Tonight I’ve got Martin Millard, Director of Harcourt Solutions, based up in Queensland. Forty agents strong, doing incredible things up there in Queensland and the second biggest office in the Harcourts network in Australia. He’s going to look at things from a much more pragmatic point of view, looking at it from a business principle and seeing where the future may be for both professionals and consumers.

It is a fascinating conversation with a guy that has an incredible amount of knowledge. Make sure you pin your ears back because you’re going to need to pay attention to everything that Martin has to say. All of that on tonight’s exciting episode of the Property Line!

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09 November, 2020