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Nicholle Sparkes and Harry Boghossian

Grays Property Anatomy - 06 Nov 2020


Nicholle Speakes, Harry Boghossian, Chris Gray

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As property prices in most parts of the country have fallen a few percent, some first home owners are still choosing to put their purchases on temporary hold and continue saving. Others that have limited deposits, have been told that the cost of Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is a waste of money and are also holding off from jumping in.

Are these good strategies for first home buyers and investors, or should they in fact be doing the complete opposite? Contrarian Chris tells us why swimming against the tide isn’t always the bad idea it might at first seem.

With the acceptance of working from home becoming a new norm, will our current style of properties meet our needs or do we need to change the way are homes are designed? Joining Chris tonight to discus this is General Manager Delivery & Operations at Frasers Property, Nicholle Sparkes.

And with many people stuck at home during COVID, a number of them have started getting creative about how to earn extra money or claim some extra expenses on tax. To tell us more about what we and can’t do is Harry Boghossian, Director at Page Harrison & Co Chartered Accountants.

Find out more from Chris Gray and special guests, Nicholle Sparkes and Harry Boghossian in the full episode above.

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06 November, 2020