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Rik Rushton

Property Line - 19 Oct 2020


Rik Rushton, Andy Reid

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Welcome to the Property Line and thanks for joining me Andy Reid, for this week’s show. It’s been an interesting week with a heck of a lot of things at play. Fallout from the Federal Budget on the whole has been rather positive but I wanted to focus on a different area today that has a massive impact on the way that we conduct real estate as a professional and as a general member of the public wanting to transact in real estate.

The way in which we communicate has certainly been affected by everything that has gone on in the last 12 months. And the way that we communicate to each other, both in the home and in the profession of real estate, has certainly taken a huge shift. We need to put a bit of focus on this and I have got one of the best experts in the entire country to do just that. Rik Rushton joins me on the show and we talk about how we communicate in the home and how that affects how we communicate in the industry.

Join Rik and I for this insightful discussion in the full episode above.

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19 October, 2020