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Banking Executives Outlook for Lending in 2020 - Part 1

The Stoler Report - 21 Oct 2020


Daniel Harris, Kevin Cummings, Frank Korzekwinski, Blair Ridder, Michael Stoler

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New York

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Guests discuss money, banking and real estate financing, describing March/April as "pretty dark days," and commenting on positive effects of the government's intervention. Even with government help, borrowers are suffering. How long can loans be deferred; how to prepare for the third and fourth quarters - issues discussed. Pt. 1 (Taped: 6/23/2020)

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The Stoler Report, Real Estate Trends in the Tri-State Region, New York's only television broadcast featuring real estate and business leaders, began its first season on television and on CUNY TV in September 2003 (the series has enjoyed two previous seasons on radio.) Hosted by Michael R. Stoler, the weekly program features lively round-table discussions of topical issues in the world of real estate.

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COVID-19 money banking financing deferral

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21 October, 2020