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Dr. Rock Positano

Building New York - 16 Oct 2020


Rock Positano, Michael Stoler

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New York

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In honour of the New York Yankees making the MLB playoffs and by special request, it gives us great pleasure tonight to rebroadcast Michael Stoler's interview with Dr Rock Positano, author of Dinner with DiMaggio at the special time of 6pm.

Dr. Rock Positano, a foot-and-ankle specialist, nationally known for his non-surgical approach for the treatment of foot disorders, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings, talks about family, growing up in Bay Ridge, NYU and Yale.

Dr. Positano then goes on to discuss his friendship with the American icon, "The Yankee Clipper," Joe DiMaggio. His memoir, "Dinner with DiMaggio," is Positano's decade-long record of DiMaggio stories.

Building New York, a lively conversation hosted by Michael Stoler, New York's only weekly television broadcast featuring local and national leaders responsible for real estate activities in the Metropolitan region, began its first season on television and on CUNY TV in March 2006. The program provides insight to the latest news, developments and economic trends. The guests will be able to share their thoughts and personal experience on important real estate issues in the largest real estate community in the world.

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New York New York Yankees Dinner with DiMaggio

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16 October, 2020