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Property Edge - 01 Jan 1970

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This week on Property Edge, Oriel tells us the tale of two cities with concerns for the Sydney residential market around the delay in reporting auction results potentially hiding significantly higher price falls than is being reported. The Centre for Risk Analytics at Macquarie University puts that fall at closer to 6% since April - double the official numbers. On the flip side, the Melbourne market is picking up with buyer’s agents there citing the easing of restrictions leading to a long-awaited increase in activity. 

Turning to the commercial sector and according to CBRE, transaction values in Australia almost halved to AU$15 billion through to Q3 this year. Industrial and logistics however provided much needed good news for this segment, with a 10% year on year increase. To tell us more about the commercial property space and potential opportunities there, Oriel is joined by Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne Group, Angus Raine.

We also check in this week with our first ever Property Edge interviewee, Rhett Dallwitz Co-Founder and CEO of Listing Loop, who joins to share some phenomenal figures around the company’s growth and success since we first spoke way back when in May. Keep those 3-pointers coming to Listing Loop and we look forward to checking in on you again in another few months!

Catch the full episode with Oriel Morrison, Angus Raine and Rhett Dallwitz above.

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06 October, 2020