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Grays Property Anatomy

Grays Property Anatomy - 01 Jan 1970

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Gray's Property Anatomy airs every Friday at 7 pm, only on Property TV

Property buyers have been making the same mistakes for decades and most will continue to do so well into the future but it doesn’t need to be that way. Whether you’re buying your dream home or an investment property, at some point you need to try to take as much emotion out of the equation as possible. On Gray’s Property Anatomy this week, Chris shares his top 4 tips to avoid the emotion-based mistakes buyers tend to make.

We then talk ‘tree-change’ with Michelle Wilcox from PRDnationwide Wagga who, having moved from suburban Sydney six and a half years ago, shares the pros and cons of such a move. Michelle and Chris discuss: 

  • What’s happening in our regional centres?
  • What does a city budget buy you in a regional town?
  • Is there a danger that locals could get priced out by city slickers moving into their local markets?

Find out more about buying property as former accountant Chris would and the many benefits a ‘tree-change’ might afford your family from Michelle, in the full episode above.

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25 September, 2020