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Beyond The Box - 01 Jan 1970

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Beyond The Box airs every 10am Monday, Vancouver, Canada time

In the sixth Beyond the Box episode, Mike McAra has the pleasure of talking with Co-founder David Steckel about the ride to get venture-backed by some of the biggest names in the valley, only to have COVID come and significantly impact his business all while closing their Series A round.

Watch/listen above to get the scoop on Setter and how David and his team are re-imagining the post-transaction customer experience.

“I was a homebuilder. So, people just wouldn’t let me go away; I was always continuing to do work for them after the fact. And so, it got to the point where I was also doing work for the Brookfield’s of the world, and I was introduced to the facilities maintenance, so I was doing it for army’s and hospitals. And I sort of thought, “Okay, I need to take facilities maintenance and bring it to the residential market.”

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22 September, 2020