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How to Create Impact and the Wow Factor in your Garden

Rightsize Your Home - 01 Jan 1970

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How to Create IMPACT and WOW Factor in Your Garden

Tonight on the Rightsize online workshop, our host Belinda Woolrych is joined by Bevan Pulley, Manager at The Professional Landscapers in Sydney to discuss:

  • How to Assess the State of Your Garden
  • What are Typical Proglems in Gardens
  • What is a Normal Maintenance program to Create ‘Impact’ Without Wasitng Any Money?
  • What are Great WOW Factors All Garden Owners Can Do?
  • Along with Top Tips & Summary

Join Belinda Woolrych each Thursday at 6.30pm as she takes us on a journey to Rightsize Your Home.

Downsizing Expert for Seniors | Sydney | Belinda Woolrych

Downsizing Expert for Seniors | Sydney | Belinda Woolrych

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17 September, 2020