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Property Line - 01 Jan 1970

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This week Australia held it’s first elections since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and Labor has managed to hold onto power in the Northern Territory, while other states have seen worrying community transmissions of the virus and in Queensland, a number of new clusters have been identified. As winter comes to a close in the southern hemisphere, does spring hold more promise?

And turning to today’s show, we cover the gamut of the industry with a look at buyers advocates, commercial property, Brisbane royalty and finishing up in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Buyers Beware - Are unscrupulous buyers agents taking advantage of the coronavirus economy? Anna Porter from Suburbanite tells us more.

Border Wars - Across our country, Tony Crabb from Cushman & Wakefield tells us the devastating affect closed borders are having on commercial real estate.

Dasey Direct - Jason runs into the King of Queensland in his former kingdom, with a connection to a high profile Brisbane real estate agent.

And we take a trip to the crossroads of South Australia, Port Augusta where for a very reasonable price, you can get a wonderful house and a fantastic lifestyle in South Australia. Michael Rowbottom from First National Port Augusta shows us through 66 Stokes Terrace.

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Anna Porter Tony Crabb

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24 August, 2020