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Beyond The Box, Episode 2 - Challenges faced by Associations

Beyond The Box - 01 Jan 1970

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NAR-REACH Canada's Beyond The Box airs every Monday at 10 am, PDT (Vancouver time)

The box is now physically different and as a matter of fact, associations need to create a new box, right? And it may no longer be around demonstrating the value of a Relator. It may no longer be around providing a great MLS system.

It might not be around PR and those types of things, and professional standards. It may now be around the competitive advantage as you noted. The competitive advantage of our brokers has now been wiped away and everybody is now working from that same new plateau. We now have to build a foundation on top of that new same plateau where brokers are then going to have to figure out where their competitive advantages are on top of that.

So, that’s the new dynamic that I think COVID is offering associations, is to think about how to rebuild that foundation and then the box on top of it. I’m excited about that because I think it’s sort of that thing that the industry, the association role has wrestled with. How do we move from thinking around just how to deliver, how to support that member to member cooperative selling system? We used to use technology called catalogs. And now that technology is now an online MLS information sharing system. And when we had catalogs, we took that, and we had that information and we delivered print magazines. And now, we take that information and we display it on real estate portals.

So, we haven’t really talked about a different process, we just shifted the technology that’s allowed us to do the same things. I think the place we’re in now gives us and the associations the opportunity to think about how to do things differently. 

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18 August, 2020